Dynamic components

StandardAero has over 40-years of partnership and experience providing expert-level repair and overhaul of an extensive range of dynamic components for the H125/AS350, AS355 and H130/EC130 series helicopters. Our proven worldwide support capabilities not only include dynamic component overhaul, but also include structural and composite repairs, an extensive STC library and avionics upgrades.

Dynamic Components Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul
(AS350/H125, AS355, H130/EC130)

  • Main Transmission
    • Bevel reduction gearbox
    • AS355 model – Combiner gearbox
    • Oil pump
    • Epicyclic
    • Rotor Brake
  • Main Rotor Mast Assembly
    • MR Shaft
    • Swashplate-Bearing
  • AS350/AS355 models – Tail Transmission
    • Tail Rotor Gearbox
    • Tail Rotor Spider-Bearing
    • Tail Rotor Hub
  • Anti Vibrator Assembly
  • Tail Rotor Short Shafts (8 & 9) Bearing repairs
  • Control Systems
  • Crossbeam repairs
  • Shock Absorber repairs
  • MR Hub Scissor Link repairs
  • Specialized in-house BBOV Approved Airbus Repairs



Richmond – Airbus Dynamic Components
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Richmond, BC,V6V 1B3 Canada
Phone: +1 604.276.7600

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