StandardAero is one of the world’s largest independent gas turbine engine and accessories maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) facilities. With operations around the globe, we provide a unique mix of management and MRO services to airline, helicopter, government/military aircraft and industrial operators.

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Engine Overview

Engine Maintenance Repair & Overhaul is the core of StandardAero’s business.  We provide a wide range of capabilities across many commercial and military engine platforms, including components from all modules of the engines and APUs such as the fan, low pressure compressor, high pressure compressor, combustor, high pressure turbine, low pressure turbine, and exhaust systems as well as many of the accessories that accompany the engines such as fuel controls, pumps & valves, pneumatic valves, and actuators.  Our capabilities also allow the us to address metallic repairs, composites repairs, as well as modules and assemblies.  In addition to component repair, we also produce highly complex new manufactured components for a portion of the industry in both legacy and new generation engines for multiple OEMs. At StandardAero, custom solutions are our standard so we apply our engineering expertise and experience to perform MRO services to the very exacting requirements of our customers.

24-Hour Service Worldwide

We operate facilities strategically located in USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and Asia. Having earned a reputation for excellent performance and service, StandardAero’s customer base now spans six continents and over 80 countries. We continue to expand our facilities and support network globally in order to maintain the high standards of service and rapid response expected by our customers. 24/7 customer service worldwide is our standard, and the ability to have a Field Service Representative on site anywhere within 48 hours is our promise.

Cellular Production System

From the moment your engine enters our repair facilities, our specialists perform a detailed and comprehensive analysis on the state of your engine. To ensure greater efficiency in completing the necessary repair and overhaul activities, we have configured the shop area into a unique system of cells. Parts requiring repair are allocated to a specialized part repair cell. Each repair cell provides process ownership, guaranteeing efficiency. This system of cells significantly reduces the overall time and distance your engine travels on the production floor, meaning a quicker turnaround time.


We understand the impact maintenance costs have on your operating budgets. As a result, we have a policy of seeking to repair rather than replace worn or damaged parts. To this end, we have invested in extensive training, precision manufacturing tools and cutting edge technology. All our refurbished parts meet or exceed operating condition standards and are backed by a comprehensive warranty package. The goal is to offer overall savings to our customers.

Committed To Unsurpassed Quality

Our repair processes incorporate the most stringent standards our customers expect. Our world-class and advanced quality systems carry these repair certifications: FAA, JAA or EASA, ISO 9001:2000, ISO 9002, ISO 14001, Transport Canada AMO, and other national regulatory bodies.

Reaching For A Better Future…Together

Environmental performance is one of StandardAero’s primary responsibilities as a diligent corporate citizen. To minimize the environmental impact associated with services, we have controls in the form of equipment, process improvements and administrative tools. They allow us to meet legal, customer and internal environmental obligations and contribute to the protection of local and international environments and public health. For more information, please contact our Environmental Team: [email protected]