World-Class Paint

StandardAero’s Springfield, Illinois corporate jet services facility houses one of the world’s most capable and sophisticated paint facilities in the world.

StandardAero – The Right Choice

Mid-Size to Super Large Business Jet owners and operators want the best paint quality and aesthetics, but they also want to ensure that their airframe and skin is free from and protected against corrosion.

Moreover, they want a state-of-the-art paint facility that is adjacent to airframe, engine, avionics and interiors capabilites – just in case stripping an aircraft for paint uncovers any problems. StandardAero meets these needs and exceeds customer expectation on a daily basis.

StandardAero Benefits

StandardAero’s 62,000-square foot environmentally controlled paint facility is one of the finest and most sophisticated in the world with comprehensive MRO service capabilities serving Business Jets for over 30 years. It is staffed with master paint technicians who believe that anything is possible and that whatever your paint expectations are – they can make them a reality.


Our master paint technicians are heralded throughout the industry for their innovation, craftsmanship and attention to detail – their tools and facility are also the best in the industry. 

  • Exterior Design – Long before your aircraft arrives, our designers work with you to custom-design an exterior that meets your specifications.

  • Stripping & Inspection – A complete bay is devoted to stripping and sealing. After all previous paint and primer is removed, the entire aircraft’s skin is carefully inspected for any damage due to corrosion. When corrosion and resultant damage are identified, we can perform any repair on the spot.

  • Priming – Bay two is devoted to the critical process of priming and preparing aircraft for paint – the process of applying undercoating is an art. Specifically designed cross-flow air technology guarantees quality results.

  • Painting – The paint bay is a downdraft, heat and humidity controlled environment. To ensure the highest quality paint application, we utilize air make-up units similar to those used in hospital operating rooms.