StandardAero has over 40 years of experience in industrial gas turbine maintenance, repair and overhaul. Our service portfolio includes the Siemens Energy SGT-A05 (formerly Rolls-Royce 501K) and the General Electric LM1600. We have developed over 500 repair schemes for SGT-A05 (501K) components. Our expertise in MRO operations extends to field service, component repair and parts support. 

Our comprehensive industrial power offerings include comprehensive maintenance, repair and overhaul. We are OEM-authorized MRO providers for General Electric and Siemens Energy products, with capabilities from a single-engine overhaul to a customized long-term maintenance plan.  

A dedicated customer account lead will be your main point of contact throughout the repair/overhaul process, and will work with you to develop engine build specifications that meet your specific needs. The Customer Service Engineer will ensure that you are continually updated, and that the completed engine is delivered on time and on budget.




We offer comprehensive field-level customer support. To ensure that your operations have minimal downtime, StandardAero offers emergency field service, 24 hours a day, every day. Our highly skilled Field Service Technicians provide a full range of services, from troubleshooting to engine replacement. Our service covers all package equipment, including the engine, controls, gearbox, and generator. In cases where the gas turbine engine needs to be removed for major servicing, lease engines or modules are available.




Every customer is unique, and has unique maintenance needs. Long-term maintenance plans can guarantee turbine availability with predictable maintenance costs StandardAero will design custom long-term maintenance plans to fit your needs and provide maximum benefit.

Proactive maintenance plans provide maximum efficiency and minimal downtime. Plans can be based on a fixed number of years or engine usage (operating hours). A predetermined monthly maintenance fee ensures that you will always know exactly how much you will be paying. Custom plans can be tailored to cover both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, including on-site inspections, engine overhauls and mid-life servicing, routine package and control system maintenance and scheduled gearbox and alternator inspections. 

Whether you perform your own on-site maintenance, or have a completely ‘hands-off’ approach, StandardAero can provide services tailored to meet your needs. 


We can upgrade your existing equipment and supply you with a refurbished modern power package to fit your needs, at a fraction of the cost of buying new. StandardAero can provide you with reliable, proven solutions customized to meet your specific needs and load-management profile. These solutions can range from engine overhauls and controls upgrades to full package refurbishments. 

Our refurbished packages are backed by a warranty equal or better than new and supported by 24/7 field service. Customized maintenance contracts are also available for packages and upgrades.


StandardAero offers emission control upgrades for all LM1600 and SGT-A05 gas turbines for electrical cogeneration or mechanical applications. These emission control upgrades are made compliant to local and national emission regulations. They provide a money-saving emission control system and are applicable to all gaseous or liquid fuel fired gas turbines.




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Siemens Energy SGT-A05

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