The CFE738 MRO experts – As a leader in CFE738 maintenance and repair, we deliver unique processes, unsurpassed workmanship, unmatched customer support and proven results. Our team consists of the most highly experienced MRO experts in the industry – we’ve performed more CFE738 Mid-Point Inspections (MPI) than any other independent service center in the world, and our staff is constantly training and re-training in a real shop setting to improve and to develop new skills and processes. As a result, our engine services are faster, more efficient and less costly for Falcon 2000 operators over the long term.

Dedicated Mobile Service Teams available 24/7 – Unlike most MRO providers, StandardAero doesn’t pull technicians from the shop floor to assist your AOG event. We have dedicated Mobile Service Teams (MST) who are trained, equipped and authorized to provide troubleshooting, emergency warranty and maintenance services for your Falcon 2000 – 24 hours a day, anywhere in the world. If you can’t come to us, we’ll come to you!

24/7 Mobile Service Teams (MST)





Houston, TX
Phone: (800) 877-5411
17250 Chanute Road
Houston, TX  77032