Engine Trading Solutions

StandardAero has expanded its services to include comprehensive engine brokering for major business aviation engine platforms. Trading solutions now include aircraft engine sales, lease, exchange and consignment options for major engine models with consignment services including buy, sell and lease options for third parties. In addition, the trading solutions also include engine parts, accessories and used serviceable materials.

The new services and trading solutions were developed to expand our current capabilities, which have included the purchase/sale of over 300 engines in the past five years from our Business Aviation team. Our ultimate goal is to help operators maximize and control cost of engine ownership.


Purchasing, leasing or exchanging an engine from StandardAero’s inventory is easy! Just contact one of our brokers to view a list and finalize the deal. Since StandardAero is a full-service MRO provider, ask about any additional services needed, as well!


Our Pratt & Whitney Parts Distribution makes us one the world’s largest suppliers for the PT6A and JT15D Factory New engine parts.

We can support your requirements for the following engine models:

  • PT6A – All models for small, medium, and large sized PT6A engines
  • JT15D – JT15D-1 Series, JT15D-4, 4B, & 4D Series, JT15-5 Series
Competitive pricing and excellent customer service allows us to reliably meet your material needs.


StandardAero’s engine trading teams – which now include PTS Aviation – offer a wide range of engines and modules for sale, from business jet engines to PT6A/PW100s to CFM56s.  Services offered include:

  • Engine Sales and/or Exchange
  • Material sales in overhauled, serviceable, repairable, or as-removed condition
  • Packaged Sales AOG and same-day shipment
  • Order provisioning for your anticipated needs
  • Asset management and Inventory Acquisition


Consigning an engine to StandardAero’s inventory is simple – we have three available consignment options:

  •   Consign for 3rd-party lease only
  •   Consign for 3rd-party purchase only
  •   Consign for 3rd-party lease or purchase

All of these options provide the opportunity for you to leverage the value of your engine. Whether it’s from receiving leasing fees or the sale of your engine, you will be maximizing the value of your assets. Contact us today to learn more!


Considering selling your engine to StandardAero? We are one of the largest independent MRO service providers in the world, with access to over 30,000 operators. As such, we are always looking to purchase good used engines! If you would like us to consider purchasing your engine, please get in touch!

Contact Information


Rhyse Booth
Business Aviation
[email protected]

Kevin Poulin
PT6A, PW100/150A & JT15D engine sales/exchange
[email protected]

Michael Poirier
PT6A, PW100/150A & JT15D engine lease
[email protected]

Philippe Gombault
+33 6 74 89 71 36
[email protected]



General Inquiries
JT15D & PT6A new parts sales
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Genevieve Maher
Material Specialist, OTC Parts Sales – JT15D & PT6A New Parts Sales
+1 469.578.3356
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Thelma Pence
Material Specialist, OTC Parts Sales – JT15D & PT6A New Parts Sales
+1 469.933.9681
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