T56 / 501D

With over 50 years of supporting the Rolls-Royce T56 and 501-D family of engines, StandardAero has the most comprehensive C-130 and P-3 propulsion system overhaul and repair capability worldwide. Our experience and innovation have delivered market-leading technical developments and product enhancements. We have over 90% in-house repair capability, full test stand capability, and the most extensive repair technologies in the industry. We provide comprehensive support for T56 Series III and Series IV engines. Our multiple overhaul facilities (Winnipeg, Canada; San Antonio, US; and Fleetlands, UK), extensive component repair capabilities, and large supply chain ensure best value solutions, operational flexibility and on-time delivery. 

StandardAero has the largest and most diverse group of T56 customers in the industry. StandardAero is the T56 engine depot for the US Air Force, US Navy, Canadian Forces, Royal Australian Air Force, Royal Netherlands Air Force, Swedish Defence Forces and many other government and military customers around the world. We are responsible for the depot-level maintenance of 70% of the T56 worldwide fleet. 

Through our dedicated government and military business specialists, StandardAero can accommodate a variety of contract and funding requirements, including Foreign Military Sales (FMS), Foreign Military Funding (FMF) and direct contracts. 

Our experience and engineering expertise has resulted in market-leading performance and reliability enhancements, increasing engine time on wing by up to 20%. Our extensive engineering and technical services place StandardAero at the forefront of the industry. These research and development investments have resulted in innovative component repairs, optimized maintenance schedules, reduced repair costs and longer time on-wing for our customers. As part of these efforts, StandardAero has developed over 5,000 unique component repairs and 300 proprietary repairs for T56 components.

For operators looking to upgrade their engines for increased performance and reliability, StandardAero is one of the only companies, in conjunction with Rolls-Royce, currently performing the T56 Series 3.5 upgrades. StandardAero provided Rolls-Royce with the initial introduction of the T56 Series 3.5 engines to the worldwide fleet. We built and tested the first upgraded engines and since then, our program has produced more than 200 T56 Series 3.5 engines supporting multiple operators.

Along with our T56 repair and overhaul programs, StandardAero offers comprehensive QEC nacelle, airframe accessory and 54H60 propeller MRO. We go beyond repair and overhaul, providing custom solutions to meet customer needs. We can evaluate propulsion systems and recommend fleet maintenance activities that will increase your time between overhauls, provide custom tailored training programs, logistics and export support.

In addition to engine MRO, StandardAero has developed a suite of Predictive Maintenance and Reliability and Workscope Enhancement simulation tools to deliver better maintenance planning and reduced cost. Through reliability analysis and data collection, extensive simulation, and modeling, we optimize maintenance schedules and work scope. Our fleet reliability modeling and fleet simulation tools can result in up to 25% engine fleet MRO cost savings, and over 20% reduction in unplanned maintenance.

In 2018, StandardAero signed a 20-year Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with Rolls-Royce to provide maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services for the AE 2100, AE 1107 and T56 Series IV engine models. This agreement establishes StandardAero as the long-term partner with Rolls-Royce for future MRO support of these engine fleets.







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