As the first 4-axis system for AS350/H125 helicopters, the Thales/StandardAero AutoPilot is the only solution that offers a complete autopilot experience.

Until now, true autopilots were too heavy and too expensive for light helicopters. A recent revolution in actuator design by Thales engineers has enabled the application of this performance-enhancing equipment into a light helicopter.

The new SMART linear actuators eliminate the need for heavy flight control computers by integrating the electronics internally. Add in 4 proven trim actuators, finely tuned software, safety modes, and seamless integration, and you have a major performance upgrade for this legendary helicopter.

The 4-axis AutoPilot is the most capable and cost-effective retrofit by far for the AS350/H125 series. It is the result of Thales’ 60 plus years in AutoPilot and flight control systems development and StandardAero’s worldwide authority in the development and certification of complex Supplemental Type Certificate solutions for legacy platforms.

The Thales/StandardAero AutoPilot STC will bring you capabilities matching those of systems only previously seen in transport category aircraft while introducing foundation architecture for future modernizations and added mission capabilities.

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