StandardAero Announces CF34® 7/10™ Program for Challenger Operators

Atlanta, Ga. – October 18, 2010 – StandardAero announced today that it is introducing a new 7,000 hour, or 10-year inspection program, to reduce risk on CF34 engines.

Currently, there are over 4,000 CF34 engines powering regional jets for more than 82 airlines. About 1,400 of these engines power Challenger business jets, which fly far fewer hours per year than their airline counterparts. However, most of these CF34 engines use ‘on-condition’ (task oriented) maintenance to drive a service event. By virtue of the fewer hours they fly, but far longer calendar time on-wing, CF34 engines on business jets are at greater risk of undetected engine problems.

Many business aviation CF34 engines have been on-wing for 10 years or longer without a shop visit or attention to OEM Service Bulletins and Airworthiness Directives. This can have a serious impact on the reliability, long-term performance and operating costs of these engines. StandardAero’s 7/10™ Program for CF34 engines provides a methodology to achieve on-wing reliability for Challenger 601-3R, 604, 605 & 800 series aircraft powered by GE CF34 engines. This program includes proactive inspection, service, care and protection resulting in uninterrupted on-wing reliability.

For every engine that has a 7/10™ service visit, StandardAero will offer 7/10™ ProCare that covers every item that is addressed in a 7/10™ service visit. The program provides proactive care for maintaining on-wing reliability for five years or 1,500 hours. During this time, StandardAero’s field service will support any necessary repairs or installation that causes an AOG event, including new part failures that are installed as part of the 7/10™ inspection and subsequent service.

“This new program for Challenger operators will have significant affect on their ability to maintain on-wing reliability of the CF34 power plants,” said Ian Smart, senior vice president, Airlines & Fleets, StandardAero. “Supported by the 7/10 ProCare Plan, their engines will be virtually worry-free.”

StandardAero, a Dubai Aerospace Enterprise (DAE) company with nearly $1.4 billion in annual revenue, specializes in engine maintenance, repair and overhaul, and nose-to-tail services that include airframe, interior refurbishments and paint for business and general aviation, air transport, and military aircraft. The company, part of the DAE Engineering division, forms a global services network of 12 primary facilities in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Singapore and Australia, with an additional 14 regionally located service and support locations.

About DAE:

Dubai Aerospace Enterprise is building a globally recognized aerospace corporation with operations from aircraft leasing, maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO), and Aviation IT solutions. It is creating an innovative business that builds on the dynamics of Dubai and continuous growth in aviation.

Headquartered in Dubai, the group is growing through a series of phased developments and acquisitions to become a global player and to produce an integrated aerospace cluster, based at Dubai World Central – the new 140 square kilometer airport and logistics city being constructed in Jebel Ali, Dubai. It is forming international partnerships at the highest level of industry with the aim of establishing one of the most innovative and successful businesses in the global aerospace industry within the next decade