Vector Commemorates World’s First Sikorsky S61 Equipped with “Glass Cockpit”

June 11, 2008 – Vector Aerospace Helicopter Services-North America (Vector) and Sagem Avionics, Inc. (SAGEM) will present Mr. Frank Carson, president and founder of Carson Helicopters Incorporated with a plaque commemorating a technological first in the aerospace industry; the world’s only Sikorsky S61 helicopter equipped with an Integrated Cockpit Display System (ICDS) or “glass cockpit” from SAGEM Avionics.

Frank Carson is internationally recognized as a pioneer in the helicopter industry, and he has been at the forefront of developing helicopter advances that enhance safety and reliability, such as the development of S61 composite main rotor blades, and his latest and perhaps most challenging venture, partnering with Vector and SAGEM to develop the world’s first S61 to be fully-integrated with a SAGEM glass cockpit installation.

Elvis Moniz, Director of Operations for Vector-Langley and project lead for the S61 glass cockpit project says, “this project is only the beginning of what Carson, Vector and SAGEM are capable of achieving.” He indicates there are more revolutionary S61 upgrades in the works that will help ensure the venerable S61 remains a viable alternative to new aircraft in the years to come.

The historic first test flight of the Carson S61 took place on May 20, 2008 at Vector’s Langley, B.C. avionics facility and in fulfilling Transport Canada and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requirements, the aircraft is undergoing a comprehensive flight test and certification program at Vector’s Langley airport location.

Vector Aerospace Helicopter Services is a recognized industry-leader in providing world class service for the Sikorsky S61/ CH124, and will host the 2008 International SeaKing Maintenance Symposium from September 30-October 2, 2008 in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The Sikorsky S61 helicopter, also known as a SeaKing, operates in countries throughout the world.