Vector Aerospace Sponsors Lecture on Helicopters in Modern Warfare

December 4, 2008 – The General, who has extensive first-hand experience at the highest levels of command in counter-insurgency operations, will analyse the role of the helicopter in meeting the challenges faced in theatres such as Afghanistan and Iraq – and which are likely to be faced in the future. He will examine issues such as where lies the balance between sophistication and risk; whether sheer numbers are more important than operational capability; and if the helicopter is the weapons system of choice in counter-insurgency operations where a delicate balance must be maintained between winning hearts and minds and the need for instant lethality when troops are in danger.

General White-Spunner will deliver the Slessor Lecture at The Willis Building on 17th February 2009. Full details on the Air League website

Vector Aerospace is a key player in the helicopter support sector. In April of this year the company acquired the Defence Aviation and Repair Agency Rotary Wing and Components facilities at Fleetlands and Almondbank from the UK Ministry of Defence. The Fleetlands operation, which provides maintenance, repair and overhaul support for the MoD Chinook (CH-47), Lynx and Sea King helicopters, now operates as Vector Aerospace Helicopter Services Fleetlands. The Almondbank facility, which provides maintenance, repair and overhaul for dynamic components installed in these and other platforms for UK MoD and other international military customers, is now known as Vector Aerospace Components Services Almondbank.