Standard Aero Enhances Model 250 Test Cell

Winnipeg, MB Canada March 10, 2004 – Standard Aero Limited (Canada) has modified its Model 250 test cell by implementing quick disconnect test cell carts. The test cell carts allow Standard Aero Ltd. technicians the ability to rig Model 250 engines for test while another engine is running in the test cell. “The modification of our test provides our Model 250 customers with the turn times that they desperately require. From the time we shut one engine down until the next engine is started, the total time is 15 minutes,” said Tom Roche, Vice-President of Helicopter Programs at Standard Aero. “This quick-change has increased the capacity of our test-cell by over 50% enabling us to test up to 4 engines in a given day. We continue to provide lifetime commitment to the Model 250 engines, and this significant capital investment in our program is a tremendous innovation to our production capacity.” He added.

With over 12,000 active engines in service, the Model 250 powers more light to medium sized helicopters than any other engine in the world. Standard Aero has become the largest independent A250 MRO services provider by providing operators with high performance products, when they need it, at an excellent value.

Standard Aero has been servicing the Model 250 engine since 1967. With over 220 employees, Standard Aero’s Helicopter business unit services more operators in more countries than any other Model 250 engine service provider in the world. “We take a great deal of pride in the fact that the world’s largest engine provider for the Model 250 engine is in Winnipeg,” said Ron Jonkman, Vice-President of Marketing at Standard Aero. “Our people are second to none with regards to their skill and expertise on this engine. With our strong, multi-skilled workforce, we are able to build a superior performing product for our customers.”

Standard Aero, a member of Dunlop Standard Aerospace Group, is one of the world’s largest independent small gas turbine engine, accessory repair and overhaul companies. Standard Aero performs repair and overhaul on Pratt & Whitney Canada, Rolls-Royce, Honeywell, and General Electric engines used in regional airlines, business aviation, military and government aircraft. Standard Aero applies specialized business process redesign concepts to both its operations and those of its customers, providing the tools and training to drive profitable growth and improved business performance.