PW308 A/C Engines: Full Overhaul Capacity at EADS SECA

July 25, 2008 – Approved by Pratt & Whitney Canada (P&WC) as Designated Overhaul Facility (DOF) for the PW308 engines, EADS SECA is now able to provide Falcon 2000 EX/DX (and very soon Hawker 4000) operators with the full range of maintenance services including on site operations with dedicated technicians (Mobile Repair Team).

After having sucessfully completed the training of its technicians and achieved the correlation of the test cell, EADS SECA has received the EASA and FAA approvals. The Gonesse facility, close to Paris Le Bourget Airport (first business airport in Europe) has now the full capacity to repair and overhaul these engines of new generation.

Since 1968, when EADS SECA has repaired the first General Electric CF700 engines fitted on Falcon 20, the Company has consolidated its position as a leader on the business aviation market by being sucessively approved for P&WC JT15 and Honeywell TFE731. Continuing on this path, EADS SECA has been appointed by P&WC as the sole independent Service Center in Europe for PW305 engines and has now the full capability for PW308 engines which increases the Company capacity to support most business jets such as Dassault, Cessna and Hawker.

For Marc de Montessus, Vice President Business Operations, “This capacity enables EADS SECA to reinforce its position as a prefered partner for business jet operators. To fully answer our customers requirements, these developments are strengthened through the extended support of our Mobile Repair Teams.”

In addition to its capacities for turbofan, EADS SECA has also large capabilities in engine maintenance for regional aircraft by supporting P&WC PW100 and PT6 engine series.