Landmark Aviation provides Chelton ‘Flightlogic’ synthetic vision EFIS retrofit on M28 Skytruck utility aircraft

Tempe, Arizona, — Landmark Aviation announced today that it has equipped and delivered its first M28 SkyTruck utility aircraft with the Chelton Flight Systems FlightLogic Synthetic Vision Electronic Flight Instrumentation System (EFIS).

“The FlightLogic EFIS is a complete flight navigation instrumentation system that interfaces the remote-mounted AHRS (Attitude Heading Reference System), air data computer, global positioning system and Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) receiver as well as existing VHF navigation equipment,” said Mike Anderson, Director of Avionics, Landmark Aviation. ”The system has its own TAWS (Terrain Awareness and Warning System).”

“Landmark is pleased to deliver this SkyTruck aircraft equipped with a leading edge avionics system that provides optimal situational awareness, navigation, and ‘moving maps’ that are fully integrated into the cockpit displays,” Anderson said. “The Chelton system, which has its own display in the cockpit, enhances aircraft safety by improving situational awareness and reducing pilot workload.”

The work was performed at Landmark´s Roanoke, Va., operation. Landmark´s Roanoke facility is a full service fixed base operation (FBO), with avionics maintenance and installation capability. The operation also offers120,000 square feet of hangar space and full FBO amenities.

In recent months, Landmark´s Roanoke facility has installed several other Chelton Flight Systems Synthetic Vision EFIS.

The operation installed the first Chelton “Dual Sensor” 4-Tube SV-EFIS System as part of a project with Chelton to amend a current Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for the Part 23 Large/Commuter Class Aircraft. The M28 Skytruck project is the second system to include the same dual sensor architecture. The primary flight display features 3-D perspective terrain modeling with real time GPS/WAAS positioning, and ‘highway-in-the-sky’ predictive flight director guidance from takeoff to touchdown.

FlightLogic supports optional traffic and weather systems to create a single, integrated console for all flight deck operations. This FAA-certified EFIS, designed to replace primary flight instruments, and mechanical gyros and compass systems, provides innovative technology and functionality that delivers new situational awareness and ground breaking automated flight management capabilities.

The FlightLogic EFIS combines advanced head-up display (HUD) symbology with real-time, forward-looking three dimensional terrain to create an innovative primary flight display. The result is enhanced situational awareness, which improves flight safety by dramatically reducing pilot workload.

Chelton´s autopilot interface can guide the aircraft through DPs (Departure Procedures) and STARs (Standard Terminal Arrival Routes), arc approaches, procedure turns, and even complex holding pattern entries with no pilot interaction. The integral master caution voice warning system provides a wide range of alarm and alert information that also appears on the screen for undesirable conditions that may arise during the flight.

The Chelton system currently has Technical Standard Order (TSO) and Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for installation on more than 740 aircraft.

The M28 Skytruck, suited for passenger and/or cargo transportation, is designed for multiple-mission usage, and is available for different cargo aircraft applications. The aircraft is sold throughout the world.

Landmark Aviation, formerly known as Garrett/Piedmont Hawthorne/Associated, is one of North America´s largest providers of comprehensive services for the business aviation industry. Serving 43 locations in North America, the company offers a full range of fixed base operations; maintenance, repair and overhaul; aircraft charter, sales and management; and large aircraft completions. Landmark Aviation is headquartered in Tempe, Ariz. Landmark Aviation is a portfolio company of The Carlyle Group.