Associated Air Center Adding to Boeing Business Jet Maintenance and Modification Menu of Services

Tempe, Ariz. – April 7, 2010 – Associated Air Center’s (AAC) maintenance and repair organization continues to add services to support Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) customers, including SFAR-88 modifications, main-landing-gear trunion-pin replacement, as well as Lower Cabin Altitude modifications.

BBJ SFAR-88 Modifications
AAC recently completed its seventeenth SFAR-88 mandatory fuel tank modification on a BBJ aircraft. These required modifications are driven by FAA Airworthiness Directive (AD) AD-2008-28-01. AAC currently has three more BBJs scheduled in the near term to undergo these mandatory modifications.

BBJ Main Landing Gear Forward Trunion Pin and Gear Replacement
As the BBJ fleet achieves full SFAR-88 compliance, the next major event driving their scheduled maintenance visits are the main landing gear forward trunion pin replacement, also driven by an FAA AD, and a landing gear overhaul due to calendar time limits. AAC owns the necessary tooling and equipment for the removal and re-installation of the landing gear providing customers with better flexibility in scheduling their aircraft’s work. AAC has completed these landing gear replacements in two BBJ aircraft with three more scheduled in the near term.

BBJ Lower Cabin Altitude
Until recently, BBJ aircraft were certified for an 8,000-foot cabin altitude while flying at a maximum service ceiling of 41,000 feet altitude (FL410). In response to customer demand and in order to improve passenger comfort while reducing crew fatigue during ultra-long range flights, Boeing engineered and recently received FAA certification for a 6,500 foot cabin altitude modification known as Lower Cabin Altitude (LCA). AAC has completed these LCA modifications on four BBJ aircraft with another one scheduled in the near term. Due to the custom interiors installed in each aircraft, candidate aircraft must undergo a thorough engineering review process by AAC in order to identify any possible deviations that might impact the incorporation of this Service Bulletin.

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