AcroHeliPro Offers Cost-effective “Glass Cockpit” for Bell 205, 206 & 210 Helicopters

June 14, 2007 – ACROHELIPRO Global Services Inc. (ACROHELIPRO), a subsidiary of Vector Aerospace Corporation announces that work is well-underway with Sagem Avionics, Inc. (Sagem) to make the innovative, quality and reliability-enhancing and cost-saving Integrated Cockpit Display System (ICDS or “Glass Cockpit”) upgrade available for the Bell 205, Bell 206 and Bell 210 helicopter models.

For the Bell 206, the system consists of two 8-inch displays that effectively replace all electro-mechanical engine and navigational instruments. The system is capable of providing Traffic awareness, Stormscope, Ground Proximity Warning, video (including FLIR, MaxViz, or L-3’s new IRIS system) and trend monitoring.  The prototype aircraft (Spencer Aircraft) has successfully completed test flights and is in the final stages of obtaining an FAA Supplemental Type Certificate.

The Bell 205 & 210 variants will consist of three 10-inch ICDS displays, replacing all electro-mechanical engine instrumentation. It will also include a Multi-Function Display (MFD), with Engine Monitoring System (EMS) and an additional MFD to provide mapping data.  “The technologically advanced Sagem/ACROHELIPRO ICDS solution is guaranteed to bring enhanced functionality and advantages including increased quality and reliability to an already proven aircraft,” explains Elvis Moniz, ACROHELIPROs’ Director of Avionics.  “From the progress already made, we anticipate the upgrade options will be available to customers operating these Bell models within an 8 to10 week time-frame.”

Moniz points out that a major focus for ACROHELIPRO is to identify and develop opportunities to provide safer, more reliable and cost-effective products and services to legacy helicopter operators.  “This initiative is an extension of our on-going commitment to provide top-quality, expedient and economical helicopter maintenance, repair and overhaul solutions,” continues Moniz.  “In terms of the glass cockpit installations and retrofits, this means operators have a proven team available to provide prompt, expert installations and retrofits of the system, either at ACROHELIPRO’s world-class facilities in Langley, British Columbia, or Andalusia, Alabama, or at their own location.”

Moniz comments that the decision to select the Bell 205 and 206 models as a priority was due mainly to the quantity of these models currently in operation.  He emphasizes that it is ACROHELIPRO’s intent to expand the glass cockpit upgrade to support additional models as the program continues to evolve.

ACROHELIPRO Global Services Inc. is a world-leader in providing comprehensive tip-to-tail maintenance, repair and overhaul services for helicopters and components including engines, avionics, dynamic components, accessories and structures.  The company is recognized as a perennial top-exporter of helicopter services and products, and as an industry-recognized “employer of choice,” with 550 employees at facilities located throughout Canada and the US.