ACROHELIPRO Obtains STC for “Glass Cockpit” & AHARS Upgrades for Sikorsky S61

December 11, 2006 – ACROHELIPRO Global Services Inc., a subsidiary of Vector Aerospace Corporation, has obtained its newest avionics Supplemental Type Certificate (STC), enabling it to further extend its already-impressive capabilities to include installation, maintenance and servicing for the innovative and superior-functioning Rockwell-Collins “Glass Cockpit” and AHARS system upgrades on the Sikorsky S61 model helicopter.

Designed to enhance the helicopter’s safety and reliability, the systems are based on the dependable and versatile Rockwell Collins FDS-2000 Cockpit Display System, and replace outdated mechanical H.S.I’s and A.D.I’s with modern, flat panel color displays. Mechanical gyros are substituted with solid-state, dual AHS-3000 AHARS. Dual Garmin GPS-530 GPS systems and Mode-S transponder/ADS-B upgrade capability further complement the upgrade, offering S-61 operators superior quality, enhanced performance and reduced costs.

“In providing innovative solutions such as the new glass cockpit and AHARS upgrades for Sikorsky operators, ACROHELIPRO further illustrates its commitment to being the industry-leader in providing tip-to-tail helicopter equipment upgrades, maintenance, repair and overhaul solutions,” says Elvis Moniz, Director of Avionics.

ACROHELIPRO recently delivered its first glass cockpit upgrade for CSC Autec’s fleet of S-61’s; including a 9,000 hour inspection; complete airframe rewire and re-installation of the popular External Load Emergency release system. In early 2006, ACROHELIPRO also obtained STC’s to perform similar upgrades and rewiring on the Sikorsky S-76 series aircraft.

ACROHELIPRO Global Services Inc. is a world-leader in providing comprehensive tip-to-tail maintenance, repair and overhaul services for helicopters and components including engines, airframes, avionics components and accessories. Based in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada, the company is recognized as one of British Columbia’s top exporters, and as an industry-recognized “employer of choice,” with approximately 550 employees at six facilities located throughout Canada and the United States.

About the Upgrade

AFD-2000 Adaptive Flight Displays are designed as a functional replacement of conventional flight director indicators, providing all the necessary aircraft interface, data processing, display processing and display control functionality.

The AFD-2000 is an ARINC 5” ATI flat-panel color indicator. Adaptable to multiple display configurations, the AFD-2000 can be configured as an Attitude Direction Indicator (ADI) flight director instrument or a Horizontal Situation Indicator (H.S.I)

The system’s primary flight display format combines both ADI and HSI on a single display, and its advanced graphics support flight deck display of ground proximity warnings, weather, FMS maps, TCAS and other advanced information.

The AHS-3000 Attitude Reference System is an integral part of the FDS 2000 systems functionality. The Dual – AHS-3000 provides vertical and heading reference data to its corresponding Flight Display System.

The dual Garmin model GNS 530 Systems are fully integrated, panel mount instruments, which contain independent VHF communications transceivers, VOR/ILS receivers, and a global positioning system (GPS) navigation computers.

The DME – 40 is a single integrated interrogator, measuring slant distance to a selected corresponding VOR station; channeled only by the No.1 GPS/Nav. The computed distance data is displayed on the appropriately selected AFD 2000

The ALT 55B is a single RADALT transceiver with two ALI 55 indicators installed in the standard instrument layout pattern.

The ADF 462 is a single ADF receiver with a CTL-92 Control Panel, with the received data displayed on the appropriately selected AFD 2000.

The TDR-94D is a Mode “S” capable ATC Transponder