AcroHeliPro Launches New 60,000+ sq. ft. Facility at Langley Airport

January 9, 2007 – The Township of Langley and ACROHELIPRO Global Services, Inc (ACROHELIPRO) have announced the Township’s approval for ACROHELIPRO to build a new, 60,000 plus square-foot state-of-the-art helicopter maintenance, repair and overall facility at the Langley Airport.

The new facility will replace four shops currently operated by the company, and enables ACROHELIPRO to increase capacity within its avionics, airframe and structures and fabrication operations.  In keeping with the company’s progressive growth profile, this move is also expected to result in new employment opportunities for skilled tradespersons in the region, with an initial potential workforce increase from the current 90, to in excess of 140 personnel.

“We are constantly researching and developing ways to offer our customer’s top-quality, fast and economical helicopter maintenance repair and overhaul solutions,” expresses Paul Cockell, Vice-President-Operations for ACROHELIPRO.  “In this instance, it means enhancing a partnership that has existed with the Township of Langley for more than 15 years. Over this period, ACROHELIPRO’s Langley facilities have continued to provide world-class  full-service avionics, structures, fabrication and completions work to an ever-growing global client base, while also leading the way in innovations; especially in the areas of avionics systems/CAPSTONE, and in our ability to develop and implement STC’s to address the specific needs of our clients via our avionics, structures and fabrication capabilities.”

George Miller, Airport Manager of Langley Regional Airport states the Township, and particularly its airport has been waiting, and preparing for this decision for some time. “ACROHELIPRO will undoubtedly be the cornerstone commercial facility at the Airport.  This is a tremendous partnership, and we at the Airport are proud that the facilities that currently exist have attracted this investment from a world-leader in the helicopter industry. We are committed to ensuring we will meet the needs of this company as it settles in, and for the long-term.”  Miller continues, saying the Township will work towards ensuring ACROHELIPRO’s business needs, and those of its employees are met to the best of its capabilities.  He reminds that this announcement indicates an opportunity for the entire community, and that it will be received with a lot of support and interest by local business and residents.

Cockell reiterates Miller’s sentiments, explaining the announcement is a winning situation for both parties. He emphasizes that in keeping with ACROHELIPRO’s business approach to becoming the leading tip-to-tail helicopter maintenance, repair and overhaul provider to the global helicopter industry, it wanted to utilize the region’s strategic location and highly-trained workforce to expand upon current capabilities.  In addition, the decision to construct the new facility supports the Township of Langley in its efforts to successfully establish its airport as a “Center of Excellence” for helicopter support services. As well, the new facility will enable ACROHELIPRO to expand its involvement in aviation maintenance apprenticeship training, with institutions such as the British Columbia Institute of Technology.