AcroHeliPro Launches “Lean Stream” Efficiency Improvement Initiative

August 16, 2007 – ACROHELIPRO Global Services Inc., a subsidiary of Vector Aerospace Corporation kicks off its latest operational improvement initiative, “Lean Stream” on August 16, 2007. 

“The goal of the Lean Stream initiative is straight-forward,” says Tracy Osadchuk, Lean Stream program facilitator.  “ACROHELIPRO will become the industry-leader in creating customer value and satisfaction.  This will be accomplished through teamwork, innovative thinking, and a thorough analysis and application of lean manufacturing principles throughout ACROHELIPRO via a continuous improvement program.”

To ensure the success of the program, ACROHELIPRO has left nothing to chance.  The company has assigned and trained key personnel in the concepts of lean manufacturing, analyzed best practices, and consulted directly with other companies that have successfully implemented lean programs, to ensure they benefit from past successes.

Osadchuk states “Lean” will be a new way of thinking and business practice at ACROHELIPRO.  “We fully understand the scope of this initiative and the benefits that will be derived from it.  By embracing the concepts of Lean throughout the organization and making it a part of our corporate culture, we are confident ACROHELIPRO will establish a new benchmark in continuous improvement and set a new, higher standard on which operators can depend.”

ACROHELIPRO Global Services Inc. is a world-leader in providing comprehensive maintenance, repair and overhaul services for helicopters and components including engines, avionics, dynamic components, accessories and structures.  ACROHELIPRO is recognized as a perennial top-exporter of helicopter services and products, and as an industry-recognized “employer of choice,” with 550 employees at facilities located throughout Canada and the US.