Almondbank, UK Facility

Site: Almondbank

Business Unit: Government & Military

Location: Almondbank

Main Phone:+44.17.3858.4301

Platforms Supported  

 • C-130 Hercules
 • Chinook
 • Lynx
 • P-3 Orion
 • SA330 Puma
 • SA341/342 Gazelle
 • Sea King
 • Tornado

Repair Capabilities   

 • Repair, overhaul, modification and full load testing of helicopter and fixed-wing gearboxes and drivetrain components (driveshafts and adaptors)
 • Repair, overhaul and modification of rotor heads and associated assemblies
 • Repair, refurbishment and modification of complex aircraft structural components
 • Repair, overhaul, modification and testing of rescue and cargo winches
 • Repair, overhaul, modification and testing of hydraulic flight controls, undercarriages, pumps, motors and many other hydraulic  system components
 • Repair, overhaul, modification and testing of aeroengine accessories
 • Repair, overhaul, modification and balancing of propellers
 • Extensive range of electroplating processes, including NADCAP-accredited chromic acid anodising, silver, cadmium, hard chrome, nickel, electroless nickel and surface conversion coating (chromating)
 • Fabrication of structural component repair spares & modification kits
 • Conventional machining capabilities including horizontal boring, milling, grinding, jig boring and turning
 • Computer numeric control (CNC) machining, including turning, milling, grinding and engraving
 • Non-destructive testing (NDT) processes, including magnetic particle (NADCAP accredited), fluorescent penetrant (NADCAP accredited) and eddy current. (NDT personnel certified to BS EN4179 Level 2/3)
 • Coordinate measuring machine (CMM) inspection
 • Calibration facilities for inspection, testing and gauging equipments
 • Component surface finishing facilities
 • Component cleaning and degreasing facilities
 • Chemical, plastic media and walnut shell paint stripping facilities
 • Offering wet lay-up and pre-preg repairs, non-structural cosmetic and temporary repairs, structural sandwich panel repairs, single- and double-sided repairs, and mobile repair teams
• UTC Aerospace Systems (formerly Hamilton Sundstrand) 54H60 series propellers

 • EASA Part 145
 • MAOS Part 145
 • ISO 9001:2008
 • AS 9100 Rev. B
 • AS9110 Rev. C
 • ISO 14001:2004
 • OHSAS 18001:2007
 • NADCAP (Chemical Processing and NDT) 
Supplier Approvals  
 • Boeing
 • Rolls-Royce
 • UTC Aerospace Systems (Claverham)