Helicopter Programs

Your helicopter is your workhorse and your breadwinner. Helping you get the most from your aircraft’s engine as well as minimizing your downtime when service is needed is what StandardAero is all about.

StandardAero has spent more than 50 years providing repair and overhaul services for one of the world’s most successful helicopter engines – the Rolls-Royce M250. Years of experience have resulted in our technicians developing proprietary repair processes that can make a difference – in reducing downtime and enhancing performance.

Whether your flying environment is high and hot or corrosive and salty, StandardAero overhauled M250 engines help you get the job done. And our custom build of this turboshaft engine has been providing more power to helicopter operators worldwide.

We offer turbine, compressor, gearbox, or full engine and accessory repair and overhaul services on all variants of the M250 engine including the popular:

  • C20B
  • C30
  • C40B
  • C47B

Full Service, Full Time.

At StandardAero, we take pride in quality workmanship, personal service and strong communication. The best way to earn your trust and business is to keep you informed about the status of your service at all times and make sure you know our priority is to get you back up flying as soon as possible.

24 Hour AOG Field Service & Tech Support


As an additional service, we also offer an array of engine courses on all series of the M250 and on RR300 to help operators keep up with the latest maintenance techniques and practices.