Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21™

Upgrading a Falcon 50 with Pro Line 21™ Integrated Display System provides significant value to owners, operators and pilots by enabling increased aircraft value, improved safety, increased reliability, reduced weight and lower cost of ownership. Pro Line 21™ provides the latest technology along with the best value retrofit display system solution available, and you can add functionality as your needs evolve.

Avionics Upgrade Information:

  • Affordable price and lower cost of ownership
  • Downtime - Estimate 10-12 weeks
  • Amending STC for engine indication due April 2010

Your Benefits

Improved Safety:

  • Electronic Charts & Map Overlays
    • Increased situational awareness
    • Reduced pilot workload
  • XM® Graphical Weather
    • Digital display with timely and specific information
  • Crystal clear LCD displays
    • Easy-to-read graphical interface

Reduced Cost of Ownership

  • State-of-the-art functionality
  • Superior option capabilities
  • Scalable solution set
  • Integrates advanced graphics with existing sensors, radios, flight management systems and autopilots

Growth Path

  • A Roadmap to Future Capabilities [CNS/ATM]
  • Long-term Solution