Certification Services

Business Aviation customers need a way to cut through the red tape associated with making modifications to their aircraft - working through the FAA to acquire the necessary supplemental type certificates (STC) often takes longer than it does to complete a modification.

The StandardAero Solution

An alternative to FAA-direct certification services - StandardAero delivers considerably shorter STC certification times dramatically reducing down time. StandardAero’s new Organization Designation Authorization (ODA) is not tied to an FAA Repair Station allowing us to perform certification work on aircraft that are not in our hangars as well as for customers in approved facilities anywhere around the world.

StandardAero Differentiator

Our STC library is a culmination of STC projects we have completed since about 1974.

StandardAero Benefits

In addition to many engine, airframe and avionics modifications already in place, we have STCs for partial and full interiors including fully functional galleys, passenger seating changes, new lavatories, cabinets, oxygen systems, potable water, waste water, 120VAC/60Hz electrical supply and distribution etc.