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As an aircraft operator, your prime interest is to keep your aircraft flying. This is why StandardAero helps you secure continuous operations by providing a large range of lease engine types during scheduled or unscheduled engine shop visit.

Don't see the engine type you are looking for?  Please contact us as our pool is constantly changing. We also buy serviceable engines and cores.

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General Electric (FADECs)

For Sales, Exchange or Lease pricing and/or questions, please contact:

Jason Johnson
Mobile: +1 817.223.5514

Model VIN Part Number S/N  Condition  Price 
CF34-8C 111E9320G63 4120T00P62 LMDL1139 Modified
CF34-8C 111E9320G63 4120T00P62 LMDL1162 Modified
CF34-8C 111E9320G63 4120T00P62 LMDL0893 Modified
CF34-8E 111E9320G61 4120T00P60 LMDL1675 Repaired
CF34-8E 111E9320G61 4120T00P60 LMDL1386 Repaired
CF34-8E 111E9320G61 4120T00P60 LMDL0689 Repaired
CF34-8E 111E9320G61 4120T00P60 LMDL0673 Overhauled $160,000
CF34-8E 111E9320G61 4120T00P60 LMDL0548 Overhauled
CF34-10 114E7099G3 2043M11P08 EMDL4698 Overhauled
CF34-10 114E7099G3 2043M11P08 LMDL4553 Overhauled
CF34-10 114E7099G3 2043M11P08 LMDL4771 Overhauled
CF34-10 114E7099G3 2043M11P08 LMDL4154 Overhauled
CF34-10 114E7099G3 2043M11P08 LMDL5104 Overhauled
CF34-10 114E7099G3 2043M11P08 LMDL4561 Repaired

Pratt & Whitney Canada

For Sale or Exchange pricing or questions, please contact:  

For Lease pricing or questions, please contact:

PT6A, PW100/150A & JT15D

Kevin Poulin - USA
Phone: +1 616.414.7185
Mobile: +1 616.499.1432

PT6A, PW100/150A & JT15D

Jordan Rankin
Phone: +1 902.888.1816
Mobile: +1 902.315.0288

PT6A Part Sales

Troy Collicutt
+1 902.888.1970



Philippe Gombault
Mobile: +33 6 74 89 71 36

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We have the following engines available for sale:

PT6A-42 ESN PJ0500 - Data 

PT6A-60A ESN 95544 - Data 

PT6A-114A ESN PC0921 - Data

PT6A-114A (BS: 750) ESN: PC0580 - Data

PW127F ESN 127151 - Data

JT15D-4B (BS638) ESN 102268 - Data