As a low utilization BBJ Operator you are unique, and so are you requirements. By utilizing our vast experience and resources, we make sure you receive the best solution for your Business Jet operation.

Downtime is not an option – Reducing the amount of time your engine spends off-wing is our priority. StandardAero’s world-class facility, induction availability and rapid response support team of customer service professionals, engineers, technologists and specialists will ensure that your engines get back in the air in the shortest amount of time possible.

No two maintenance programs are alike – We will custom-design a maintenance solution to best suit your operational requirements. We have significant engineering experience in repair development and dedicated resources to do one-off repairs. By repairing rather than replacing worn or damaged parts, we will help reduce turn times and minimize your overall maintenance costs.

Helping you avoid unscheduled downtime – Because CFM International has not developed a calendar inspection plan for the BBJ engine, operators need to have a maintenance plan in place to maintain departure readiness and continued reliability of their CFM56-7B engines. That’s why StandardAero created a Low Utilization Turbine Engine (LUTE) Inspection – to save you from unscheduled maintenance events in Moscow, Newark or Hong Kong, or where ever your business takes you. StandardAero has more experience helping Business Jet Operators develop comprehensive maintenance plans than any other Independent engine MRO provider in the world.