AeroBlue® and AeroBlue AF® Compressor Coating

StandardAero's AeroBlue® and AeroBlue AF® coating is ideal for use on all applicable compressor components of Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A and PW100 series engines, as well as Rolls-Royce T56/501D/501K series engines.

AeroBlue® and AeroBlue AF® coating consists of aluminum compounds suspended in an inorganic binder system. The coating exceeds the leading industry offering when used in applications requiring:

  • corrosion resistance (ASTM B117)
  • erosion resistance (ASTM D698)
  • high bond strength (ASTM C633)
  • aerodynamically efficient surface finish

Note: Stripping methods are the same as those indicated in overhaul manuals


AeroBlue® and AeroBlue AF® coating is a superior alternative to all coatings recommended in overhaul manuals of the engine models listed above, and it increases the durability of your engine compressor components. Our coating is applied at StandardAero's facilities, providing greater in-house application control while reducing turnaround times and engine overhaul costs!


AeroBlue® and AeroBlue AF® coating has been approved for application by Transport Canada DOT/DAO and FAA DER for use in all Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A engines. StandardAero is a registered DAO (DAO93-C-01)


All StandardAero proprietary repairs are covered under our comprehensive warranty policy.


Repair Design Approval No. C-RE96-204

AeroBlue® and AeroBlue AF® coating are trademarks of StandardAero Limited.