The risk of tail boom separation due to extreme structural fatigue placed on the tail boom attach points of the Huey helicopter presents a significant safety concern to operators of this timeworn aircraft.

Recently, the FAA issued a Special Airworthiness Information Bulletin (SAIB SW-18-29) requiring repetitive 100-hour inspections of all tail boom and fuselage attach structures and bolts for the UH-1H and other model variants.

StandardAero’s tail boom attachment upgrade solution directly addresses this issue, with an upgraded upper left hand tail boom Longeron and an adjoining steel fitting at aft airframe/tail boom junction.

Aircraft with this upgrade solution installed are safer to operate, giving you peace of mind while performing the strenuous missions you’ve come to rely on it for.

Our tail boom attachment upgrade solution is a derivative of StandardAero’s high performance UH-1H upgrade STC. With the full FAA STC SR00267SE solution installed, operators can also maximize their operational performance by taking advantage of increased tail rotor thrust (1,256 lb limit compared to the original 1,060 lb limit).

Our proven solution is available now for installation at StandardAero or in the field.


Jeff Seidel

John Jongema
Customer Service