Nairobi, Kenya Facility

Site: Nairobi

Business Unit: Commercial & General Aviation

Location: The Aerospace Logistics Center
Langata Road, Wilson Airport
Nairobi, Kenya

Main Phone: +11 254.713.900.271

Repair Capabilities  

PT6A and PW100 
 • Repair
 • Hot section inspection
 • Borescope inspection
 • Power section repair
 • Fuel nozzle testing
 • Failure analysis 
 • Component repair and light overhaul
 • Service Bulletin (S/B) compliance 
 • Worldwide field service 
Certifications and Approvals  
 • Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (AMO K/AMO/F/10)
 • Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority (TCAA/ A/CA/1.01)
 • Canadian Approval (TC AMO 3-92)