Fleetlands – Gosport, UK Facility

Site:Fleetlands – Gosport

Business Unit: Commercial & General Aviation / Helicopter Programs / Military & Energy

Location: Fareham Road
Gosport, Hampshire 
United Kingdom PO13 0AQ

Main Phone: +44.23.9294.6100

Standard Terms & Conditions of Sale for Services - Fleetlands

Repair Capabilities     

 • Authorised Maintenance Centre (AMC)
 • Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO)
 • 24/7 field service availability
PW305A/B, PW306A/C, PW307A and PW308A/C  
 • Repair 
 • Overhaul
 • Hot section inspection
 • Engine performance testing
 • Borescope inspection
 • Failure analysis
 • Worldwide field service
 • Component repair
 • Service Bulletin (S/B) compliance 
 • Metal in oil (MIO) repair
 • Foreign object damage (FOD) repair
PT6A and JT15D 
 • Engine repair
 • Hot section inspection
 • Boroscope inspection
 • Failure analysis
 • Component repair and overhaul
 • Worldwide field service
 • Service Bulletin (S/B) compliance 
 • Engine removal and installation assistance
 Certifications and Approvals
 • EASA Part 145
 • 14CFR 145
 • ISO 9001:2008
 • AS 9100 Rev.B
 • AS 9100 Rev. C
 • OHSAS 18001:2007
 • ISO 14001:2004

Platforms Supported  Capability to Support

 • Chinook
 • H225/EC225 / AS332
 • Lynx
 • S-76
 • Sea King
 • AW101 Merlin
 • SA330 Puma
 • SA341/342 Gazelle
 • Pre-survey to determine workscope
 • Contractor working parties
 • Aircraft deep clean
 • Pre-strip functional inspection
 • Panel and component strip and survey
 • Airframe electrical survey
 • Airframe rectifications and modification
 • Panel and component repair
 • Major structural and composite repair
 • Minor engine repair and engine dressing
 • Flight test facility with our own dedicated aircrew
 • Work performed in pulse lines (out of pulse bays also available)  
 • PMS (plastic media strip) facility
 • 1,200m3 (42,000 cu. ft.) complete strip and paint facility: 23m x 6.5m x 8m (75ft x 21ft x 26ft)
 • Paint bays (low bake 40ºC)
 • Authorisations for Chinook, Sea King, Lynx, Gazelle and Puma
Off-Aircraft Facility  
 • State-of-the-art composite repair facility including 2.5m x 4m (8ft x 13ft) autoclave
 • Carbon composite panels
 • Manufacture of aircraft skins
 • Manufacture of mod kits and piece parts
 • Kevlar seat repairs
 • Safety equipment / harness repair
 • Fabric repair / modification workshop
 • Aluminium heat treatment (salt bath and ovens)
 • Battery charging
 • Rotor blade weighing
 • Full calibration facilities (to national standard)
 • Dedicated off-aircraft facilities for repair of dynamic components including rotorheads, gearboxes, transmissions, swashplates, etc.
 • Undercarriage, pylon, hydraulics and pneumatic systems repair capability
 • Manufacture and repair of pipes, flexi-hydraulic and fuel lines
 • Wheel bay
 • NDT to level 3
 • ERP (enterprise resource planning) system
 • Off-site customer working parties available on all platforms
 • Collection and delivery service (as required)
 • LEAN pulse lines; ensuring efficient turn-times and high quality output
 • Aeronautical apprenticeship training center
 • 24/7 fire and crash recovery systems & crews
 • On-site environmentally controlled helicopter storage available
 • Off-line aircraft bays available (includes capability to repair Merlin, Puma, Gazelle and other helicopter models)
Machining Facilities  
 • Electrical discharge machining (EDM)
 • Centre lathes, milling machines, surface grinders and pillar drills
 • AS9100 Revision B
 • ISO 14001:2004
 • AS9110 Revision C 
 • ISO 9001:2008
 • NADCAP Heat Treatment and N.D.T
 • OHSAS 18001:2007
 • DGCA CAR 145 India
 • UAE CAR 145
 • 14 CFR Part 145
 • EASA Part 145
 • EASA Part 21G 
 • Maintenance Approved Organisation Scheme (MAOS) Part 145
 • Contractor Flying Approved organisation Scheme (CFAOS)
 • Design Approved Organisation Scheme (DAOS)

Supplier/OEM Approvals
 • Airbus Helicopters
 • Boeing
 • Finmeccanica Helicopters
 • Sikorsky
 • UK MoD

International Departures and Arrivals
All international flights are strictly PPR by telephone (+44 (0)2392 544483 ) in advance with the ATS tower. Please ensure your Flight Plan includes EGVFZGZX in the address list. Fleetlands is not a Designated Airfield for Customs purposes nor does it have a Certificate of Agreement and as such flights may only take place to/from countries within Great Britain and Northern Ireland or destinations within the European Union. For civil flights, a General Aviation Report (GAR) must be filed in accordance with Border Force procedures. Details for submitting a GAR form may be found on https://www.gov.uk/.

A copy of the Flight Plan and the GAR must be copied to fleetlands.heliport@vectoraerospace.com before departure.