Cincinnati, OH Facility

Site: Cincinnati, OH

Business Unit: Components

Location: 11550 Mosteller Road
Cincinnati OH 45241

Phone: +1 513.618.9588


StandardAero’s Components business, located in Cincinnati, Ohio, is an OEM-aligned provider of component repair and overhaul services for the U.S. military and commercial aviation industries. StandardAero Components is a state-of-the-art gas turbine parts, LRU and airframe repair and engineering facility, offering full tool design and fabrication capabilities, components part restoration and a comprehensive suite of welding techniques and NDT capabilities. 

StandardAero Components holds FAA, EASA, Indonesia’s Directorate General of Civil Aviation and CAAC 145 certifications across a broad range of platforms, including CFM56, CF6, CF34, GE90, V2500, PW4000, a variety of Honeywell APU and propulsion engines and industrial LM2500, LM5000, LM6000 models.  Our master craftsmanship, high quality and on-time delivery provide customers with a one-stop service partner for component repair and development.

StandardAero Components became a Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) on February 1, 2013.  The benefits to customers include faster customs clearance for parts coming from outside of the United States, a savings in having to manage a broker in the United States and an overall better customer experience with reduced transit time to our facility. If a part usually takes 2-7 days to clear customs and get delivered to a supplier in the United States, the part will now consistently clear customs as it passes through our FTZ two days after you ship the part from your facility.

Cincinnati Capability Summary




Engine/APU Component Repair (Extensive)

·   GE: CF34, CF6, GE90, LM2500, LM2500+, PT5000, LM6000

·   CFM International:  CFM56

·   IAE: V2500

·   Honeywell APU’s: 131, 331, 85, 36 Series

Engine/APU Component Repair (Limited)

·   GE: CT7

·   Pratt & Whitney:  PW4000, PW2000

·   Honeywell: ALF502-507, CFE738, HTF7000, RE220

Airframe Components

·   Boeing 747 & 767: CF6-80C2 Thrust Reversers

·   Airbus A300 & A310: CF6-80C2 Thrust Reversers

·   McDonnell Douglas MD11:  CF6-80C2 Thrust Reversers

·   Messier Bugatti: Landing Gear Torque Tubes

·   Bombardier Challenger and CRJ: Composite Cowls, Panels, and Fairings

Repair Development

·   Dedicated Repair Development Engineers, work center (CoE) & operators (machinists, welders, inspectors and thermal spray)

·   Able to develop custom repairs on additional engine product lines per customer request