Long-Term Maintenance Plans

Through our years of service experience, we know that every customer is unique. Consequently, StandardAero believes that every customer should benefit from a customized maintenance solution that guarantees turbine availability with predictable maintenance costs. We will design a maintenance solution to suit your business needs and provide you with the maximum benefit.

A maintenance agreement creates the enviroment where both customer and service provider benefit from the same goal - an efficient operating turbine with minimal downtime. Efficiency and uptime are products of proactive turbine systems management.


  • Term of the agreement can be for a fixed number of years, or alternatively may be based on engine usage measured in fired hours
  • A predertermined, mutually agreed upon monthly Maintenance Fee ensures that you will always know exactly how much you will be paying
  • The Maintenance Fee may be tailored to cover all scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, including:
    • On-site inspections
    • Engine overhauls and Mid-Life servicing, based on operating hours
    • Routine package and control system maintenance
    • Scheduled gearbox and alternator inspections
  • StandardAero will also incorporate availability and performance guarantees