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Rolls-Royce M250 VIP Kits

StandardAero Helicopter Programs has recently been featured in two articles from industry-leading publications. The reason? We are “leading the fleet” with a new value improvement kit (VIP) engine upgrade being offered by Rolls-Royce for the M250-C47 engine. Read more about the performance improvements that some of our customers are experiencing as a result of the new kit!

Vertical Magazine

Article by Oliver Johnson

“A new Rolls-Royce engine upgrade kit for the Bell 407 is producing a nine percent improvement in performance — almost twice that expected — according to Paradise Helicopters, the first operator to receive the upgrade. The “value improvement package” (VIP) upgrade kit is a drop-in upgrade for the M250-C47, and requires no additional supplemental type certificate. Following the program’s launch at Heli-Expo 2012, seven operators were chosen as part of Rolls-Royce’s “lead the fleet” program to be the first to receive VIP kits. Paradise, which operates from a base in Kailua Kona, Hawaii, has been operating a 407 with the VIP upgrade for one month, and said the helicopter is now running 40 degrees cooler on the MGT (measured gas temperature) gauge, and using four gallons less fuel to perform a two-hour tour that takes in mountainous peaks as it crosses the island. “The flight’s a little bit faster purely by having more power available,” said Calvin Dorn, president of Paradise Helicopters. “You’re not temperature limited, so you can keep the power up further up in the climb to 10,000 feet…”


Helicopter Magazine Europe

Article by Mike Vines

“StandardAero is one of Rolls-Royce’s 14 FIRST network MRO approved independent service providers. Under Rolls-Royce’s Value Improvement Package (VIP) the upgraded engine offers increased shaft horsepower and a reduction in fuel burn over the original C47 engine. Rolls-Royce says the upgrade kit increases hot/high engine performance by five percent takeoff power and decreases fuel burn by two percent with no increase in engine weight. According to StandardAero, Rolls-Royce has chosen large fleet or high profile operators for this ‘lead the fleet’ introduction and has issued seven kits. “Results from the first two in-service kits indicate even better in-service statistics with an increase in power of up to nine percent and improved fuel consumption of between five and eight percent over the original M250 C47 engine,” says Brian Hughes, Director of Sales, Marketing, Business Development, StandardAero. Hughes added that these latest figures were generated by the first two units to ever embody the kit; one powering a Servicios Aereos Milenio S.A. de C.VV Bell 407 of Mexico City and the other aboard a Paradise Helicopters machine in Hawaii…”