Airbus Helicopters

StandardAero provides worldwide support for all models of the Airbus Helicopters H125/AS350, AS355 and H130/EC130 helicopters, as well as AS332 and H225/EC225 series helicopters.  

StandardAero is an authorized Safran Helicopter Engines Arriel 1 and Arriel 2 repair center, providing full repair and overhaul services to civilian Arriel 1 operators in North and South America, and to civilian Arriel 2 operators in North America for over twenty years. StandardAero is also a Rolls-Royce M250 Authorized Maintenance Repair and Overhaul Center (AMROC), with over fifty years of experience in providing world-class engine maintenance, repair and overhaul support to operators around the globe.

StandardAero also specializes in providing expert-level repair, modification and testing of an extensive range of dynamic components for H125/AS350, AS355, and H130/EC130 series helicopters.

Benefiting from over three decades of partnership and experience supporting Airbus Helicopters models, StandardAero holds the following OEM designations:

  • Airbus Helicopters Repair Center
    • H125/AS350, AS355, H130/EC130 and AS332 (limited)
  • Airbus Helicopters Maintenance Center
    • H125/AS350, AS355, H130/EC130, H135/EC135 and AS332


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Mark Plunkett
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John Jongema
Technical Sales

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Airframe Business Development


H125/AS350, AS355 & H130/EC130 Series

Structures and Composites

  • Airbus Helicopters approved D Level fixed fuselage and tailboom fixtures
  • Mobile D Level airframe repair fixture
  • Horizontal stabilizer repairs
  • Door and cowling repair
  • Firewall repairs
  • Vertical stabilizer and lower fin repairs
  • Polycarbonate canopy repairs, including extended area repairs and TCCA RDA substrate splice repairs
  • Advanced composite repair using the following equipment in our dedicated composite shop:
    • Hot bond controllers and specialized heat blankets
    • Cure ovens
    • Vacuum clamp and bag systems
    • Airbus Helicopters I+ Level repair procedures and materials
  • Quick repair turn times on fuselage and tailbooms, ensuring accurate Part Number/Serial Number compatibility with your aircraft configuration


  • Major and scheduled inspections 
  • Engineering support
  • FOD repair
  • Field service 
  • Service Bulletin compliance
  • Component replacement 
  • Project management 
  • Pre-purchase inspections and insurance appraisals 
  • Accident damage assessments and quotations
  • Engine, accessory and component repair and overhaul, with in-house testing capabilities

Dynamic Component Repair – Airbus Helicopters approved Level B/BOV andLevel C/COV

  • Main gearbox
  • Epicyclic reduction gearbox
  • Bevel reduction gearbox
  • Oil pump
  • Rotor brake
  • Tail rotor gearbox, including Fenestron
  • Combining gearbox
  • Mast assemblies
  • Tail rotor driveshafts
  • Tail rotor spider
  • Anti-vibrator
  • Tail rotor pitch links
  • Swashplate
  • Ball ends
  • Crossbeams
  • Shock absorbers
  • Scissor links

AS350 / EC130 Crash-Resistant Fuel Tank AVAILABLE NOW Learn More

The only FAA & EASA approved solution for most models of the popular AS350 & EC130 series 

Designed in cooperation with Robertson Fuel Systems based on proven military technologies, our FAA and EASA approved direct replacement primary fuel tank features a number of important safety and operational enhancements, boasting the most durable, composite material tank, easy 3-day installation with no specialized field service or intrusive structural modifications required, and approval across virtually all variants of the popular AS350 & EC130 series.

Safety Features: 

  • Fully compliant with FAA FAR Part 27.952 crash-resistant fuel system requirements (both with and without cargo swing/hook installations)
  • Constructed of extremely durable composite material and rigorously tested to counteract a variety of external threats
  • Self-sealing breakaway valve to prevent fuel leakage
  • Vent system roll-over protection
  • Vent system flame arrestor
  • Crash-resistant recessed sump drain valve
  • Compatible with Onboard Systems’ industry-proven cargo swing solutions, as well as the Airbus Helicopters cargo swing

Ease of Maintenance Features:

  • Low installation time of only 2-3 days typically, requiring no intrusive structural modifications or specialized field service
  • Modern fuel quantity transmitter that works with existing gauges, including analog and VEMD
  • Quick-change cartridge style boost pump, replaceable without draining fuel
  • Independent low fuel level sensor
  • All main components are accessible at the bottom cover plate
  • Increased inspection interval on the fuel pump
  • Single or dual pump configurations
  • Compatible across virtually all model variants to achieve fleet commonality

AS350 BA to B2 Conversions 

Aircraft Modification Highlights:   

  • New Safran Helicopter Engines Arriel 1D1 powerplant with new manufacturer warranty 
  • Increased aircraft gross weight (330 lb)
  • Fuel system upgrades
  • Tailboom structural improvements
  • Upgraded instrumentation
  • Main rotor head upgrades
  • Power train improvement
    * Note that aircraft manufactured before 1987 will require additional aircraft specific modifications.

BA to B2 Conversion Benefits:

  • Increased gross weight and hot & high performance
  • Improved power margins for increased safety 
  • Reduced pilot workload and enhanced pilot ability
  • Enhanced mission profile for better marketability
  • Greater resale value offsets modification cost 


Structures and Composites

  • TCCA approved AMO for specialized structural and composite repair
  • FAA approved Repair Station for specialized structural and composite repair


  • TCCA approved AMO for specialized electrical and avionics repair and modification
  • FAA approved Repair Station for specialized electrical and avionics repair and modification
  • Engineering servicesfor minor and major modifications for aircraft registered under, but notlimited to, TCCA, FAA, and EASA


  • TCCA approved AMO for major inspection, all recurring and non-scheduled maintenance
  • FAA approved Repair Station for major inspections, all recurring and non-scheduled maintenance
  • Airbus Helicopters approved repair center for I level major Inspections, all recurring and non-scheduled maintenance 


Structures and Composites

  • Floor support structure repair
  • Fuel cell bay structure repair
  • Stabilizer support fitting replacement
  • Main landing gear spindle support fitting replacement
  • Skin and exterior structure repair and replacement
  • Extensive primary and secondary composite repair capabilities


  • Airbus Helicopters approved repair center for O Level for Line maintenance
  • Airbus Helicopters approved repair center for I+ Level for Base maintenance


  • Aircraft re-wire