Rolls-Royce - AE 2100

As an approved AE 2100 Heavy Maintenance Center since 1993, StandardAero has processed more AE 2100 engine repairs then any other company and has the most experienced customer service and engineering team available. StandardAero is the only facility in the world capable of repairing and testing the entire propulsion system and is recognized as a leader for AE 2100 engine repairs and overhauls, with more than 1,000 engines processed. Our vast level of experience translates into the most optimal workscope for each individual engine delivering the best available combination of cost and reliability. In 2018 StandardAero signed a 20-year Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with Rolls-Royce to provide maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services for the AE 2100, AE 1107 and T56 Series IV engine models.


  • Trouble-shooting and functional testing of the C-130J QEC
  • Complete AE 2100A, AE 2100D2, and AE 2100D3 heavy maintenance
  • Rolls-Royce correlated test cell for all Rolls-Royce AE 2100 models
  • Approved Engineering Organization
  • Supply Chain management
  • Comprehensive C-130J QEC accessory supply chain support
  • Best possible use of repairs vs parts replacement
  • We maintain and operate the only AE 2100 Mobile Engine Test Stand (METS) in the world
  • Experienced Field Service Teams
  • Extensive component remanufacturing capabilities
  • Comprehensive Warranty Protection Program
  • Technical Assistance 24-Hour Customer Response Team Worldwide
  • Engineering Support and Training
  • Independent Propulsion System Fleet Management Support

Repair Certifications & Authorizations

  • Rolls-Royce authorized AE 2100 Heavy Maintenance Center
  • Lockheed Licensed C-130 QEC Service Center
  • Canadian & Australian based C-130J support team
  • Transport Canada Approved Maintenance Organization 22-58
  • Transport Canada Design Approval Organization (# DAO 93-C-01)
  • Authorized Engineering Organization for Royal Australian Air Force
  • OEM Certified Repair Station:
    • Hot Section:
      • Turbine Vane & Blade Diffused Coatings
      • Turbine Casing Weld Repairs
    • Cold Section:
      • Plasma & Thermal Spray Applications
      • Compressor Case Performance Enhancement
      • Electroplating – Chrome, Nickel
    • Propeller Gearbox:
      • Bore Alignment
      • Splitline Repairs
  • ISO 9001:2008 Certified
  • ISO 14001:2004 Certified
  • ISO 9110:2009 Certified