PT6A-21, -27, -28, -34/34AG, -41, -42, -112, -114/114A and -135/135A Flat Rate Overhaul Program


Overhauling your engine with this P&WCSMART offer can cost as low as US $225,000. This P&WCSMART™ Flat Rate Overhaul Program is guaranteed not to exceed a set capped price for optional parts replacement, such as CT blades and LLPs – letting you accurately plan your maintenance costs. You benefit in two ways: you get a guaranteed overhaul price with no surprises and you’ll fly away with the dependability and quality of the OEM engine maintenance work.

Included in this offer:

  • Category 1 – 6 Service Bulletins.
  • No extra charges for typical corrosion, sulphidation, or non-genuine P&WC parts.
  • No extra charges for foreign object damage (FOD) provided it did not cause an unscheduled removal.
  • Labour, new parts, used parts, parts exchanges, sub-contracted charges, bulk, test and packaging.
  • Shop Warranty from a P&WC Service Centre Network or P&WC Designated Overhaul facility.

Pricing ($USD)*:

  Applicable Engine Models Basic Flat Rate Overhaul Price (per engine)*

     PT6A-21  $222,500
     PT6A-27/28  $255,000
     PT6A-34/34AG  $275,000
     PT6A-41  $285,000
     PT6A-42  $285,000
     PT6A-112/114   $240,000 
     PT6A-114A  $267,500
     PT6A-135/135A  $267,500


  • Compressor Turbine (CT) Blades for as low as $26,250 USD.
  • Minimum Limited Life Parts (LLP) tailored to customer mission.
  • Accessories are overhauled separately at normal shop pricing.

 Eligibility Requirements

  • Aircraft tail number is mandatory.
  • Operator must request or purchase the flat rate overhaul pricing prior to or at engine inspection/cost estimate.
  • Engine is a normal time expired core operated in accordance with P&WC’s approved documentation and removed for scheduled reasons and not for a significant basic unscheduled removal.
  • Engine must be complete (missing parts will be charged).
  • If an engine is deemed uneconomical to overhaul, an engine exchange will be offered.

For complete details, including full terms & conditions, please contact your sales representative.