PT6A-67D Overhaul Parts Cap Cost Program


Keeping costs low does not mean having to make concessions on quality, durability and reliability at an engine overhaul. With the P&WCSMART Overhaul Parts Capped Cost Program, StandardAero is offering predictable and attractive capped price for your overhaul needs.

Life Limited Parts Replacement Capped at 90K:

  • Comp hub/rotor $15,000
  • Compressor Disc Stg1 $10,000
  • Compressor Disc Stg2 $10,000
  • Compressor Disc Stg3 $10,000
  • Compressor Disc Stg4 $15,000
  • Compressor Spacer Stg4 $15,000
  • Impeller $15,000
  • Compressor Turbine Disc $15,000
  • Power Turbine Disc $15,000
  • Power Turbine Disc Stg2 $15,000

You need more cycles…no problem! The Capped price is increased by:

  • $15K for LLPs replacement providing a minimum of 10,000 cycles remaining
  • $25K for LLPs replacement providing a minimum of 12,000 cycles remaining
  • $40K for LLPs replacement providing a minimum of 14,000 cycles remaining
  • $60K for all-new

LLP usage is based on a basic TBO of 6,000 hours with acycle ration per hour of 1 cycles. Customer can elect to replace the LLP when CT Discs have lessthan 3,000 cycles remaining and other LLP whenthey have less than 6,000 cycles remaining.

Included in this offer:

  • Category 1 – 6 Service Bulletins.
  • No extra charges for typical corrosion, sulphidation, or non-genuine P&WC parts.
  • Full engine overhaul parts, incl. new, used and exchange parts.
  • Main oil filter, thermocouples and ignitor plugs. Accessories excluded.

Pricing ($USD):

  Applicable Models Basic O/H Parts Capped Cost LLP Parts Capped Cost

  PT6A-67D Engine  $385,000  $90,000
  PT6A-67D Gas Generator
 $235,000  $70,000
  PT6A-67D Power Section
 $190,000  $25,000


  • Offer is available to PT6A-67D engine owners/operators only.
  • The engine must have been operated in accordance with P&WC approved documentation and authorities’ instructions for continued airworthiness and removed for scheduled reasons and not for a significant BUR.


  • Labor, accessories (fuel nozzles, flow divider, BOV), shipping, test cell fees and bulk are quoted separately. Some conditions may apply. Please contact us for details.

For complete details, including full terms & conditions, please contact your sales representative.