7/10™ Program for CF34

More than 4,000 CF34 engines power regional jets in over 82 airlines in the 50-120 passenger categories. About 1,400 CF34 engines power Challenger business jets, which fly far fewer hours per year than their airlines counterparts. On-condition maintenance (OCM), the standard in the aviation industry, is predictive or condition-based maintenance where indications from trend monitoring or periodic inspection drive a service event. By virtue of the fewer hours they fly, CF34 engines on business jets stay on-wing longer, which puts them in greater risk of undetected problems inside of their engines.

Our Customers’ Challenge

Many business aviation CF34 engines have been on-wing 7,000 hours and/or 10 years or longer without a shop visit or attention to OEM Service Bulletins and Airworthiness Directives. This can have a serious impact on the reliability, long-term performance and operating costs of these engines – often unbeknown to maintenance teams - including the higher risk of unscheduled maintenance events and AOG situations. This greater risk is due to long periods of time on wing, modifications (SB/AD) and the effects of ambient environments.

The StandardAero Solution

StandardAero’s 7/10™ Program for CF34 engines provides an affordable and effective path to on-wing reliability for business aviation operators of Challenger 601-3R, 604, 605 & 800 series aircraft powered by GE CF34 engines that are in the “7/10” stage of engine life and haven’t seen the inside of an engine shop.

Key Customer Benefit

Risk mitigation - proactive inspection, service, care and protection resulting in uninterrupted on-wing reliability.

7/10 Inspection

7/10 Inspection identifies key engine items and conditions that require service to maintain performance and operating efficiency, and to avoid an AOG event. The age/hours, type of engine, unaddressed Airworthiness Directives, OEM service bulletins, modification status and flight profile will be pre-assessed in order to ensure that a customized maintenance program addresses all of the engine’s MRO needs in a single visit.

7/10 Service

7/10 Service is a shop visit to perform a customized engine MRO program based upon the findings of the 7/10 Inspection and tailored to your operational and budgetary requirements. The 7/10 Service visit brings your CF34 engines up to operational specification and reliability standards that are protected by both the StandardAero 3 years or 2,000 hours workmanship warranty and any OEM parts warranty. More importantly, it qualifies your engines for the 7/10 ProCare Plan.

7/10 ProCare

7/10 ProCare covers every item that is addressed in the 7/10 Service visit. It combines proactive care to keep your engines working reliably on-wing and protection in case of ANY engine-related AOG event. All you have to do is follow StandardAero’s maintenance recommendations.