Test Cell Design & Modification

Whether you need a greenfield design or a modification of an existing structure, StandardAero has the capability to design and manage the construction of your test facility. StandardAero doesn’t only design a facility; we address all aspects of an expansion, including the human dimension, to ensure that facility performance matches our customers’ expectations.

GE Research Development Testing Center
StandardAero in conjunction with GE, relocated the 75,000 square-foot complex from Montreal to Winnipeg and provided many enhancements including noise abatement.

  • Relocation and Enhancement
  • Customer: GE Aviation
  • 75,000-square foot Complex
  • Test up to 15,000 lbs. of thrust
  • Capabilities Include:
    • Certification
    • Design Testing
    • Performance Analysis
    • Icing Certification

AGT1500 Engine & X1100 Transmission Test Cells
StandardAero was responsible for the simultaneous greenfield design and construction of two test cells at Fort Riley, KS. These cells provide testing capability for the engine and transmission used on the M1 Abrams tank.

  • Greenfield Design
  • Program Management
  • Customer: Army National Guard
  • Quick-change engine cart
  • High-accuracy flow meter
  • In cell touch screen
  • Advanced data-trending capability
  • PLC interlocks and safety systems
  • Dyno controlled designed to function in manual or controlled.
  • High resolution camera to view both sides of the engine
  • Regenerative X1100 Drive System to reduce power consumption up to 70%

Modification of Dynamometer Cell to a T56 Power Section & QEC Configuration
StandardAero added a very unique capability for testing T56 Engines with the Quick Exchange Kit on a Dynamometer

  • Modification of two existing Test Cells
  • Customer: Kelly Aviation Center
  • Provides the unique capability of testing T56 engines in QEC configuration
  • Included electrical and systems checks
  • Complicated Stand Correlation
  • Included LabView / NI based DAS and conversion to PLC cell controls