Test Cell/Stand Design, Installation & Sustainment

StandardAero offers “cradle to grave” test cell services that include design, construction, program management, and system sustainment through the life of the test cell. As operators and maintainers of over 20 test cells, StandardAero is uniquely aware of the complexities involved in procurement, configuration and modification of test equipment, and has developed best practices to ensure consistency and reliability in test performance. 

We have created a suite of tools that improve reliability and availability while decreasing ownership costs of your test cell. Our team of highly skilled test cell engineers maintain an operational test cell availability of over 95%. 


  • Test cell design and modifications
  • Test cell correlation
  • Test cell data acquisition system design, control, and management software
  • Sustainment and program management


  • Turboprop engines (T56, AE 2100, AE 1107, PT6)
  • Turboshaft engines (T700, AE 3007, PT6T, M250/RR300, Arriel)
  • Turbofan engines (F117, F118)
  • Afterburner engines (F100, F110, F135, F404, J85)
  • Mobile test stands (T56, AE 2100)


  • GE Research Development Testing Center
    StandardAero, in conjunction with GE, relocated the 75,000 square-foot complex from Montreal to Winnipeg and provided many enhancements including noise abatement.

  • AGT1500 Engine and X1100 Transmission Test Cells
    StandardAero was responsible for the green field design and construction of two test cells at Fort Riley, Kansas. These cells provide testing capability for the engine and transmission used on the M1 Abrams tank.  

  • T56 Power Section and QEC Test Cells
    StandardAero added capabilities to test T56 engines in QEC configuration to existing test cells at Port San Antonio.


Dan Gonzales
Vice President, Business Development, North America