AS350/EC130 Crash-Resistant Fuel Tanks

Designed in co-operation with Robertson Fuel Systems LLC, this FAA STC approved direct replacement primary fuel tank features a number of important safety enhancements, including the introduction of all-new modernized fuel retention technology and the strategic relocation of certain critical components to further enhance safety and ease of maintenance.

 Safety Features:

 • Bladder equipped FAR Part 27 FAA crash-resistant design
 • Self-sealing breakaway valve to prevent fuel leakage
 • Vent system roll-over protection
 • Vent system flame arrestor
 • Crash-resistant recessed sump drain valve

Ease of Maintenance Features:

 • Low installation time
 • Modern fuel quantity transmitter that works with existing gauges, both analogue and VEMD
 • Quick change cartridge style boost pump, replaceable without draining fuel
 • Independent low fuel level sensor
 • All main components accessible at the bottom cover plate
 • Increased inspection interval on the fuel pump
 • Single or dual pump configurations

StandardAero is also working closely with Onboard Systems to ensure that the new retrofittable AS350/EC130 crash-resistant fuel tank remains compatible with Onboard’s industry-proven cargo swing solutions for the AStar family.

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