WAAS/LPV Precision Approaches

What is WAAS/LPV?

WAAS (Wide Area Augmentation System) is a navigational system using a combination of GPS (Global Positioning System) satellites and Geostationary Satellites to improve GPS navigational service. WAAS augments the GPS constellation to meet the necessary integrity, availability and accuracy now available in North America and soon globally.

LPV (Localizer Performance with Vertical Guidance) are the highest precision GPS (WAAS enabled) aviation instrument approach procedures currently available.

Value Proposition

Updating a business aircraft for WAAS/LPV Precision Approaches provides significant value to owners, operators and pilots by enabling more landing options (now and in the future) with unequalled precision and safety, saving time, pilot workload and fuel.

Your Benefits

  • More Landing Options – WAAS/LPV features minimums as low as 200 feet and one-half mile visibility. WAAS/LPV enables ‘direct-to’ LPV approaches and IFR alternatives increasing productivity and saving fuel. LPV approaches currently outnumber ILS approaches and 300 new LPV approaches are being added each year. Currently, there are 1,930 WAAS/LPV equipped airports in the U.S.
  • Unequalled Precision – WAAS provides greater vertical and horizontal positioning accuracy, availability, continuity and integrity – enabling pilots to rely on GPS for all phases of flight. No Predictive RAIM is required reducing pilot workload.
  • Better Safety - Eliminate approach errors due to cold temperature effects, incorrect altimeter settings and lack of altimeter source. Electronic glide path eliminates intermediate step down approaches for every runway served by GPS Category 1 precision, independent of ground or barometric equipment.

How do I upgrade to WAAS/LPV

To utilize WAAS/LPV precision approach capabilities aircraft must be equipped with a TSO C146a Receiver and TSO C-190GPS antennas.

Upgrade Cost - The cost of a WAAS/LPV precision approach upgrade is determined by aircraft and equipment configuration. Typical upgrades fall in the range of $80k - $200k.

Downtime - Typical WAAS/LPV upgrades take between 14-18 days to complete.

Equipment and Platform Availability

  • We install WAAS/LPV Precision Approach Avionics solutions manufactured by Honeywell, Rockwell and Universal.
  • WAAS/LPV Precision Approach Avionics Solutions are available for these Aircraft (some platforms subject to pending certifications):
    • Challenger 601, 604
    • Hawker 750, 800, 800XP, 850XP, 900, 900XP
    • Falcon 20, 50, 900
    • Global Express

Sales Contacts

Jerry Sanders

Brandon Klisit