Honeywell Primus Elite™

Upgrading a Falcon 900 C/EX flight deck with Honeywell Primus Elite™ provides significant value to owners, operators and pilots by enabling increased aircraft value, improved safety, increased reliability, reduced weight and lower cost of ownership. Primus Elite™ provides the same features and safety benefits as the most sophisticated cockpits in operation today, including XM® graphical weather, Jeppesen electronic charts and maps, and video display capability.

Avionics Upgrade Information:

  • Upgrade Cost - $700K
  • Downtime - Estimate 12 working Days
  • STC completed by StandardAero in March 2011

Your Benefits

Improved Safety:

  • XM® Graphical Weather
    • Always-on Display
    • Easy to read
  • Charts and maps
    • Reduced Pilot workload
    • Enhanced Situational Awareness
  • Maintains current display formats
    • No change to symbol generator software
    • No change to current PFD, MFD or EICAS formats

Reduced Cost of Ownership

  • Reduces Aircraft Weight (Approx. 7lbs per DU)
  • 2X display system reliability
  • Reduces annual HAPP pricing for new DUs

Growth Path

  • Advanced map display
  • Honeywell SmartView™ (Synthetic Vision System