Upgrade your Falcon the EASy way

StandardAero makes it easy to upgrade your Falcon 900 EASy-equipped aircraft

Take advantage of avionics system improvements and prepare for future regulatory mandates and options by upgrading to the newest, most enhanced avionics system available today – the EASy II.

StandardAero makes the upgrade process easy, with the superior quality and the fast turn-around time you have come to expect from our CompleteCare® service of Falcon aircraft.

The EASy II avionics package from Dassault and Honeywell offers better symbology, an upgraded flight management system (FMS) and new safety features such as the runway awareness and advisory system (RAAS™) and Take-off and Go-around (TOGA) mode.

Future regulatory mandates and options include: Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B Out), synthetic vision, XM satellite weather and Wide Area Augmentation System/Localizer Performance with Vertical Guidance (WAAS/LPV) precision navigation.

Upgrades and Installation:

Package Features Estimated Downtime* (working days)
Baseline RAAS
Full TOGA mode
FMS 7.1 features
  • RNP AR 0.3 capability
Improved Display Symbology
8 to 12
Current Options Enhanced NAV Package ; LPV capability Baseline + 1
ADS-B Out – Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast
(Effort reduced if combined with w/Enh Nav)
Baseline + 3

Baseline + 1
SmartView™ SVS – Synthetic Vision System Baseline + 0
ADM – Automatic Descent Mode Baseline + 0
Dual Jeppesen Charts Baseline + 0
XM Graphical Weather Baseline + 15
Baseline + 0 w/C-check
RNP AR 0.1 capability (Late 2011) Estimated availability – Late 2011
CPDLC (Late 2012) Estimated availability – Late 2012

*Actual downtime and pricing vary based on aircraft configuration and options selected

StandardAero's CompleteCare® suite of services is the smart choice for upgrading and maintaining your Falcon aircraft

Upgrading to EASy II avionics will improve the safety, performance and asset-value of your Falcon 900 aircraft. Upgrading using StandardAero CompleteCare will give you peace of mind.

As the industry’s premier CompleteCare provider of services on Falcon jet aircraft, StandardAero has the experience, resources and commitment to get the job done correctly, quickly and efficiently. We are committed to providing you a fast turn-around schedule and exceeding your expectations to ensure you take full advantage of the EASy II avionics system on your next flight.