Aircell Axxess® Cabin System

Our customers need their business jets to be more productive so that their people can work and stay in touch while they travel but most satellite-based systems are too slow, too large, too heavy or too expensive to install in all but the largest business aircraft.

The StandardAero Solution

StandardAero can get your business jet online with the latest productivity tool from Aircell®. Aircell Axxess® has created a new network powered by the same wireless standard as most mobile broadband services. Not only is this equipment lighter and smaller, it’s faster than the previous generation of 64 kbps satellite links. It operates like what you’re used to on the ground.

Product Overview

Aircell Axxess® is the base Cabin Connectivity System that provides worldwide voice and narrowband data service (fax, Airshow, ACARS, etc.) over the Iridium network. This is an open architecture system that allows you to add functions, change network links and easily upgrade to new functionality and options as they become available. The base system can be expanded to provide high speed Internet connectivity - you can add your choice of high speed data connections – including Aircell® High Speed Internet (which is Aircell’s new ground-based network in the U.S.). The ATG 4000 was designed specifically as an Aircell Axxess add-on for Aircell High Speed Internet (see option below). Aircell Axxess® also offers a replacement for current MagnaStar® systems.


Offered as original factory installed equipment by Gulfstream, Dassault and Cessna, Aircell Axxess® is the best choice for operators who require maximum capacity and modularity to take advantage of future technologies.

  • Multi-network compatibility
  • Reliable, worldwide voice service
  • Narrowband data for cockpit data service
  • Optional high speed connectivity available
  • The industry’s first certified color display
  • Affordable service
  • An ideal MagnaStar-replacement system