StandardAero Environmental Performance

Corporate EMS Target and Team Performance Highlights for 2012 at StandardAero Enterprise:

              - Improved Industrial Waste Eco Efficiency by 15% Across All Product Lines (CY 11 vs 12)

              - Reduced Industrial Waste Disposal by 1.2 Million Pounds (CY 11 vs 12)

              - Reduced Plant Trash by 306,000 Pounds (CY 11 vs 12)

              - Zero Environmental Insurance Claims for Environmental Incidents or Accidents

              - Zero Site Restoration System Requirements

              - Member of US EPA National Performance Track Program (Former)

              - Awarded City of Dallas Blue Thumb Awards (Multi-year)

              - Teaming with Agencies and Businesses and Agencies Provide Environmental Technology Transfer.

              - Conserving Over 72 Million Gallons of Potable Water Per Year Using State-of-the-Art Water Recycling.

              - Reduced Corporate Risk Exposure by 19% (CY 11 vs 12)

              - Manage Key Contracts for NA Waste Disposal & E-Waste Recycling to Reduce Corporate
                Environmental Footprint: Diverted 220,000 lbs Waste Away from Landfills (CY 09 vs 12)

              - Systematically Implementing Engineering Control Technologies to Reduce Resource Consumption,
                Waste Generation, Air and Water Emissions.